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I have never been so inspired to make a short film as after seeing Lon Strickland’s Billy kills the internet. Let’s be clear… I’m not going to make a short film, but I’m definitely inspired. The story is quite simple, taking place in the future. A mushroom is slowly devouring the universe. A fungus made up of a vast communication network known as the Internet! Sky Kingdom Gagnor summons Billy and his team to kill the Internet before it’s too late.

Billy kills the internet is a visually dazzling explosion of sci-fi fun, and the way it was produced was so simple and ingenious. Let’s start with Billy and his team. Billy is a little boy who could be the next Captain Kirk…if he was an elementary school kid. His partner is a ventriloquist dummy named Lester (as in Willie and Lester), on comms is ventriloquist dummy Danny O’Day, and then there’s Stella, who is a baby, talks with clever use of camera tricks . I see a lot of Muppets trickery when Director Strickland shows Billy interacting with Lester, for example, walking to the Kingdom of Heaven.

“A fungus is slowly devouring the universe…known as the Internet!”

Strickland then builds worlds using various space clipart and cleverly constructed ships, including a pretty cool mashup between the Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise. There is a large amount of green screening and layering to produce the final product. Seriously, I could do it with my video editing tool if I weren’t so uninspired and lazy. I am green with envy.

Continuing the fun is the story of Strickland. It’s funny, and better yet, it’s smart as hell. Strickland’s internet rating is spot on and a great story base. He described the Internet mushroom as a web of communication that can reach mass audiences and then feed on the misery it causes and the confusion it engenders.

For emerging writers, the silly, simple plot works because the audience gets it because there’s a truth buried deep within. Go back up Billy kills the internet on whatever device you have, sit back and get ready for twenty minutes of pure pleasure. For me, I also add admiration and respect.

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