Better Sued Beeline Loans in SDNY Now Discovery Litigation Moved to Dead Hyperlinks


Better Sued Beeline Loans in SDNY Now Discovery Litigation Moved to Dead Hyperlinks

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
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SDNY COURTHOUSE, December 16 – Better Holdco, Inc. sued Beeline Loans, Inc. for allegedly using its proprietary information, obtained through former employee Jack Abramowitz.

On April 20, 2021, Judge John P. Cronan of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York held proceedings. Inner City Press has it covered.

In the discovery phase, Better accuses Beeline of inappropriate redactions and demanded that “Beeline be immediately ordered to produce unredacted copies”.

Beeline’s lawyer told Judge Cronan that they were not hiding anything, they would submit to a closed-door review by him.

Better to say that would be too heavy for the court.

But Judge Cronan agreed to do so, warning Beeline that the standard for accepting the drafting, with the protective order in place, is high.

On May 24, Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn held a Discovery Conference. She granted Better the right to remove Beeline’s in-house lawyer Jess Kennedy, but only over the hiring of Jack Abramowitz by the company and the possession, use or access to ” Better Information ”- but no questions about Beeline’s pre-litigation investigation into the alleged misappropriation of best information.

On July 19, trial judge Sarah Netburn held another discovery conference. She said she does not like to limit access to the find, but in this case would agree that some documents could be reserved in the eyes of outside lawyers.

In December 2021, disputes over the discovery worsened, with Better Holdco accusing Beeline Loans of violating court orders by using hyperlinks they said show Beeline did not destroy the contents of Beeline’s email account. Jack Abramowitz.

Beeline, on the other hand, says he only reactivated Abramowitz’s Google account in order to produce a discovery.

The case is Better Holdco, Inc. v. Beeline Loans, Inc., 20-cv-8686 (Cronan / Netburn)


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