Bengal BJP Responds To Video Calling India Today Journalist Abused After Poll, Blames ‘Hyperlink’


Screenshot of a video shared by the BJP showing the photo of Abhro Banerjee as a victim of post-election violence in Bengal

The BJP issued a statement in response to the misuse of a journalist’s image by its West Bengal unit. In a video on Wednesday, the party’s state unit used a photo of’s Abhro Banerjee, describing him as “Manik Moitro”, a party member who is believed to have died in post-election violence in Sitalkuchi. , in Bengal.

After Abhro Banerjee pointed out that his image had been used in place of “Manik Moitro”, the BJP said the error was due to a “hyperlink”.

“The image of Mr. Abhro Banerjee was mistakenly included in the video while using an article by him as a source of content,” the BJP statement said. The statement was accompanied by a hyperlink and an image link.

Statement released by the BJP on Thursday, blaming “hyperlink” for error

The spurious video, posted on the West Bengal BJP’s Facebook page and Twitter account, has been deleted.
Reacting to the video, Abhro Banerjee said: “Please don’t believe these bogus messages and don’t worry. I repeat: I am (still) alive.”

“I woke up a bit late this morning and saw over 100 missed calls. Before I could even verify what happened, my friend, Arvind, told me that the BJP computer cell had used my photo instead of Manik Moitro who would have died in Sitalkuchi. “

Referring to the alleged death of its party member in West Bengal, the BJP said in its statement: “To set the record straight, Shri Manik Moitro succumbed to his injuries in Sitalkuchi as a result of the violence provoked and inflicted by members of TMC, his image was included with this statement May his soul rest in peace.

The BJP has alleged that more than five of its employees died in the post-election violence in West Bengal. While the BJP blamed the Trinamool Congress workers, CM Mamata Banerjee’s party claimed that four of its own workers were also killed.

The West Bengal government announced Thursday compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of the victims of post-election violence.


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