‘At 30’: How the internet turned a finance guru’s advice into a meme

The internet is full of free financial advice, and while there is a large audience for it, people on the internet sometimes turn their backs on insincere self-help advice.

Earlier this month, when Steve Adcock, a part-time financial guru and motivational speaker, shared tips for living a successful life, netizens turned his tweet into a meme.

On August 1, Adcock, who goes by the name of Steve Millionaire Habits (@SteveOnSpeed), tweeted to his more than one million followers: “At 30 you should have a group of friends who talk business, money and fitness, not politics, and popular culture.

While her tweet garnered 35,000 likes, it also sparked a host of other tweets that began with “At 30”. Responding to Adcock’s post, one Twitter user wrote: “At 30 you should know that people who discuss money, business and fitness can also discuss pop culture and politics. These topics are not mutually exclusive. Alternatively: At 30, you should know that it’s okay to have multiple groups of friends discussing different topics. »

Another person simply wrote, “At 30, stop judging others.” Soon, the tweet format of “At the age of 30” encapsulated everything from heartfelt advice to movie plots.

Mentioning the plot of Bollywood hit ‘Main Hoon Na’, one Twitter user wrote, “At 30 you should go back to college pretending you’re a student but you’re actually a spy, fall in love with the chemistry teacher, reform your stepbrother, revive your stepmother, eliminate a terrorist group and improve India-Pakistani relations by saving the Milaap project.

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