As a leader in Geographic Information Systems in Malaysia, RS & GIS Consultancy helps clients reach new horizons

RS & GIS Consultancy is a Malaysian company that provides multidisciplinary geographic solutions. With over 29 years of industry experience, RS & GIS Consultancy helps businesses make wiser and smarter decisions through deep insights.

Malaysia – By helping companies achieve the desired level of geographical advancement, RS & GIS Consultancy extends the services for the scalability of the clients. RS & GIS Consultancy offers a number of services including bathymetry, hyperspectral sensing, satellite imagery, terrestrial laser scanning, optical and lidar drones, data collection, and much more. Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced infrastructure, RS & GIS Consultancy has become the go-to choice for companies looking for support in the geographic domain.

During the period of the company’s existence, RS & GIS Consultancy has completed hundreds of projects, winning the title of one of the best companies in the Geographic information system industry. The company delivered quality with every new project. As a successful business, RS & GIS Consultancy has stood the test of time and competition by forging ahead with unparalleled services and support.

Some of the past projects carried out by RS & GIS Consultancy include overhead power line mappings, road grade assessments, dam studies, hazard assessment mappings, topographic and forest mappings, urban planning, and many more. others. All of these projects have been successfully completed, strengthening the company’s image, potential and reputation.

Founder and Managing Director of RS & GIS Consultancy, Awang Abdullah said: “RS & GIS Consultancy has extensive experience in the application and implementation of geographic technologies and solutions while actively promoting the use of geographic technologies. Our company has maintained strategic relationships with all customers around the world and will continue to promote state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies and advanced GIS analysis techniques in Malaysia and neighboring countries.

About RS & GIS Consultancy:

RS & GIS Consultancy is Malaysia’s largest geographic services company, delivering smart, insightful and fruitful results. The company has 29 years of experience in providing quality to global customers. RS & GIS Consultancy consists of a team of experienced and intellectual people, who work with dedication to create and maintain the positive reputation of the company.

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