Arizona and Hawaii evoBrix ™ Provider Management Information System module certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CMS Modular Certification requires the production of comprehensive system documentation to meet all criteria defined in CMS’s Medicaid Enterprise Certification Toolkit (MECT), which validates that PE modules meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements. . The AHCCCS / Med-QUEST / CNSI team conducted live system demonstrations and prepared and delivered 159 evidence packages containing over 4,000 pages of material supporting PMIS module compliance with MECT.

“With this full CMS approval for this MMIS module, AHCCCS and Med-QUEST are now able to streamline the supplier registration process, improve the supplier user experience and eliminate manual registration processes. previous ”, declared Kristen challacombe, deputy director of commercial operations of the AHCCCS. “The move to this cloud-based solution is one more step in modernizing the technology we use to deliver health services to nearly 2.2 million people. Arizona residents and 430,901 Hawaii residents enrolled in Medicaid.

“CNSI shares the commitment of the AHCCCS and Med-QUEST to provide the healthcare provider community with a seamless experience and allow them to focus on the most important thing: patient care,” said Todd stottlemyer, CEO, CNSI. “We are honored to support Arizona and Hawaii in their respective missions: to reach through Arizona provide comprehensive and quality health care to those in need and that of Hawaii residents to improve and maintain their well-being by developing, promoting and administering innovative and high quality healthcare programs with aloha.


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CNSI provides a wide range of enterprise health information technology solutions and customizable products to a diverse base of state and federal agencies in United States. We align, build and manage innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions that help clients achieve their mission, improve business performance, reduce costs, and improve the health of individuals and communities. Based at United States with a large technological center in Chennai, India, CNSI employs a world-class team of technologists, program managers and subject matter experts, with extensive experience in the implementation of critical information technology. CNSI’s website is:


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