Anitta has a song with Missy Elliott coming up – and the internet is going wild

Collab Rumor Officially Confirmed: Anitta’s Next Single Will Be Featured the one and only Missy Elliot. Imagine what a track featuring the trilingual powerhouse and one of America’s most famous living rappers will sound like?

“Yes! I’m shooting my music video with @MissyElliott and it’s not a dream. JEZZZZZZZZZZ,” Anitta posted on her Twitter account on July 6.

Speculation surfaced when the “Envolver” artist posted an Instagram story asking her fans why they thought she flew from Europe to Atlanta to spend less than 24 hours. After hours of keeping her fans on their toes, Anitta finally posted an Instagram story video featuring his girlfriend Murda Beatz and Missy Elliott. In the short clip, Anitta says, “Yeah guys, that’s why I drove all the way from Europe to Atlanta for 24 hours, because I’m earning the fucking life!” while showing Missy.

She also posted a photo alongside the “Get Ur Freak On” singer with the caption, “Honestly can’t believe what’s going on right now.”

[email protected] one of the cutest performers and made me laugh so much yesterday🤣😂You are a star!” Missy Elliott posted online. “And I’m so grateful to you and your team, you all treated me with so much love and kindness🙏🏾💜 Let’s go🙌🏾#Lobby.” Is “Lobby” the name of the next single?

Twitter fans are all over the news. They are already looking forward to the upcoming title. One Twitter user said: “Imagine being THAT icon… @MissyElliott we want song spoilers!!!!”

One Twitter user said, “As a Missy Elliott fan and new Anitta fan, I have to say I’m very excited for this collab. Missy is the goat for real for real.

Another Twitter user said: “Anitta and legend Missy Elliott together in a feat, are you aware of this?”

In her latest Twitter post, Anitta wrote: “Guys.. it’s not a dream I have a song with the queen!!! ICON.” Who said dreams don’t come true?

With such fame, it’s no surprise that Anitta has only come out hit after hit. Just yesterday (July 6), she released her collaboration “The Lotto” with Argentine singer Tini and Mexican-American pop star Becky G. She is also expected to appear in the next Murda Beatz show. collaboration with Quavo, J Balvin and Pharrell.

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