Alia Bhatt’s announcement questioning ‘Kanyadan’ ritual during weddings leaves internet divided


Ads about social customs and rituals elicit rather extreme reactions on social media. Last year, Tata had to pull a Tanishq ad after facing a lot of criticism. This time around, the Mohey Fashion ad featuring Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, who questions the practice of “Kanyadan” at Hindu weddings, opened a dialogue about the practice.

In a monologue, the bride asks why, despite so much love, she is still called “paraya dhan”. She questions the practice of “kanyadan” in which the parents of brides “donate” their daughter. The film sees a happy ending with the groom’s parents also making a “donation” to him.

In the ad, the clothing company asks, “#KanyaMaan – Nayi soch, naya idea. Kyun paraaya dhan? Kyun Kanyadaan? Idea from Mohey Ka Naya… #KanyaMaan. Celebrate today’s brides with a modern twist. “

The internet is heavily divided over the ad. While a few loved the concept, others wondered why companies choose to highlight regressive one-faith rituals.

“The father who gives his daughter to church is so romantic, omgggg. Question everything we do for no reason, ”one user wrote.

“So, according to your logic, after Kanyadaan, there is no maan for women in Hindu homes?” Freedom of creation is good. I loved the concept and the storyboard, the acting, etc.

Another commentator found the announcement touching. She wrote: “It’s so touching… I don’t think it’s new but I have been said loud enough for anyone to change it… thank you for letting us hear… this is a strong and strong social statement… I wish I could download it for easy sharing. “

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