ACA International’s new financial literacy website is live



ACA International launches Know My Debt, a free and informative resource for consumers seeking answers to their questions on, such as:

  • How can I improve my credit rating?
  • When is a debt considered past due?
  • Can a debt collector call me on a Sunday?

Know My Debt is a new consumer education website created by members of ACA International. Know My Debt provides clear tips and explanations aimed at helping consumers improve their financial literacy and solve their debts.

“Knowing My Debt is all about giving people a resource to understand the credit and collection industry,” said Debbie Frank, CEO of Credit Bureau Services LLC and Chair of the ACA Financial Literacy Committee. “Everyone is on a financial journey and Know My Debt is here to guide, inspire and engage people as they make decisions about their money and plan for their financial future. “

ACA asks members to share a link to Know My Debt on their own websites.

Here’s how to add a link to Know My Debt to your website to help spread the word about this valuable resource:

  1. On your website, link to your consumer resource page, titled Know My Debt: Explaining Consumer Rights and Navigating Debt Solutions.
  2. Use this address for the hyperlink:
  3. Remove existing references and hyperlinks to Ask Doctor Debt ( ACA International will temporarily redirect users away from the Ask Doctor Debt site and then shut down the site permanently.

Knowing my debt explains:

  • Debt and credit laws and regulations that protect consumers.
  • How to work with a debt collector on past due debt, including specific explanations of student loan debt.
  • Answers to common questions about credit reports and credit scores.

Visit the Know My Debt website at

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