About 9 out of 10 Internet users do not password protect their Wi-Fi / digital information world

Your Wi-Fi is like your home which needs a Wi-Fi password as a lock to protect it from a third party accessing your Wi-Fi information unless you want it to.

Regardless of its importance, a study shows that 89% of Internet users do not protect their Wi-Fi connection with a password. Moreover, only 3% of users protect their Wi-Fi network with a password, while 7% of them do not even know if they have a Wi-Fi key.

On top of that, PC Matic has highlighted survey-based data for around 2,500 people across the United States; belonging to different categories of Wi-Fi network users, featured in the 2022 Password Hygiene and Habits Report. Almost one in 9% of people who use Wi-Fi networks are not in the habit of changing their passwords. About 37% of users haven’t set their password since setup, but fortunately the rate of these users is gradually decreasing. Next come the 9%, who are completely unaware of the existence of Wi-Fi passwords.

An unsecured Wi-Fi connection is an open area that cybercriminals can access; your account user ID and passwords, launch a malware attack on your device and redirect you to a harmful web page containing your personal information; address, credit card and bank details can easily be disclosed. The data collected may be used unlawfully. Internet service providers are held responsible for all leaks of confidential information and can be charged with criminal offenses under the law.

However, there are some steps you can take to ensure network security. The biggest step is to find your own strong, long and easy-to-remember password, install anti-malware software and keep it updated, which protects your Wi-Fi password. Second, activate a method two-factor authentication to log in to the network or account via any other source. Fortunately, a new advanced feature of a separate guest network is being introduced in some routers through which your main network will be registered and devices belonging to your guests can easily be used on it.

So, if you were unaware of the importance of network security and you don’t know how it works, this article will prove to be the best guide for you. By implementing the security measures mentioned above, you can enjoy the features of your Wi-Fi without any worries.

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