A detail in the photo of a “low carbon” McDonald’s restaurant in China amazes the internet: “We need this”


A detail in a photo of a “low carbon” McDonald’s store in China has left the internet stunned – with social media users saying, “We need it.”

The photo in question was taken at Macca’s Restaurant in Jieyang Wanda Square in China’s Guangdong Province.

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The restaurant is the first “low-carbon living experience store,” according to McDonald’s in China.

A closer look reveals that the fast food restaurant has tables attached to stationary bikes that foodies can pedal while they eat.

The Chinese store is “innovatively equipped with the country’s first environmentally friendly rechargeable bicycles”. Credit: Mcdonalds

McDonald’s describes the addition in a slightly grander way.

“The store is innovatively equipped with the country’s first environmentally friendly rechargeable bicycles, allowing more consumers to educate themselves and participate in green and low-carbon initiatives in a practical way,” said the restaurant chain.

The bikes are made from recycled plastic and by pedaling them, customers can “convert kinetic energy into electrical energy … and charge cell phones wirelessly.”

After images of the bikes in action were shared on social media, the internet reacted in shock.

“It’s like using your phone while charging,” wrote one commenter.

“Order only water and exercise for an hour,” another joked.

“We need it,” one fan wrote simply, while another added, “This concept is amazing.”

Another said: “It seems illegal to exist.”


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